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This photo shows the corner of Chicago & Rush. The skyscraper in the background is the Palmolive Building. In front of that, on the left, is a neon sign for Lake Shore Pharmacy. Barry Gifford's father was a co-partner in the business, and in the fictional world of the Roy stories, this is where Roy's father Rudy works. Next door is the Club Alabam:

"Sometimes a showgirl from the Club Alabam next door came in and without saying anything went down the rickety inside staircase into the basement with Roy’s father. They would come back up a few minutes later and the girl would kiss his dad on his cheek and say, 'Thanks a million, Rudy,' or 'You’re a swell guy,' before leaving."

That's from the story "Appreciation," which will be narrated in the film by Willem Dafoe. We'd like to welcome you to Roy's World and thank you for your interest in our project. We hope you'll check back here often for updates (and meanwhile, you can more about the development of the project at Be sure to follow us on Twitter too!

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