ROY'S WORLD is coming to a screen near you

Updated: Aug 28

About four years ago when I started making a documentary, I never would have dreamed that it would finally be ready for the world during a pandemic. But here we are. And after much ado, I'm thrilled to announce the film's North American premiere at Dances With Films LA!


livestreaming at 2:45PM/Pacific to US viewers

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 6 @ Dances With Films LA

livestreaming at 2:00PM/Pacific to US viewers

Q & A immediately after the film featuring Barry Gifford + Lili Taylor + yours truly

Get your tickets now!

Be aware that while this is a virtual film festival, all screenings are live. That means, if you click on the link late, you will enter the screening late. Just like a real theater. And since the event is being livestreamed, you will not be able to rewind. (I highly recommend "casting" the screening to your TV so that you aren't a prisoner of your computer. More info here.)

And guess what? If you live in California, you have one more chance to watch the film in September!


video-on-demand presentation available any time on September 18

live Q & A at 7:45PM/Pacific, featuring yours truly + Barry Gifford

This screening (using geoblocking technology) will be viewable to those in California only.

Although I dearly wish I could be sharing the film with you on the big screen right now, I'm still really excited about being included in two such stellar festivals. Staff at both of them are nothing short of cinematic heroes. They're reinventing their events on the fly while pioneering ways to preserve the communal aspects that make film festivals so special. We're going to have an amazing Q & A no matter which screening you choose. Please do me a kindness and help spread the word. Thanks again for your support and your patience—I hope to see you there!

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