Glasgow + Manchester + our first reviews

We had an absolutely splendid time premiering the film at the Glasgow Film Festival. Enthusiastic audiences packed the theater for screenings on February 28 and 29. Here are a few candid photos from the weekend.

Rob Christopher and Michael Glover Smith at the 2020 Glasgow Film Festival
Allan Hunter (L) looks on as Rob Christopher introduces the World Premiere of "Roy's World: Barry GIfford's Chicago" at the Glasgow Film Festival on February 28, 2020

Next up is the March 10 screening of the film at the Manchester Film Festival. Get your tickets now!

The first reviews have started to appear and we couldn't be more thrilled. Some juicy quotes:

"Moody, poignant and rich in humour ... Christopher suggests that we are all made of stories. In a city like Chicago, one might believe that, and this immersive film will take you there. You don’t need to be a fan of Gifford’s work to enjoy it, but you’ll be ready to hunt that down when you leave." [Jennie Kermode]

"A wonderful, unique and intriguing feature that oozes nostalgia and the Chicago vibe." OC Movies [Liselotte Vanophem]

"[Jason Adasiewicz's] music evokes the skyscrapers, harsh winters, buzzing nightclubs and intimate family moments that we see onscreen, transporting the audience to Chicago during this time period and the authenticity gives the film an aura of realism." The Wee Review [Steven Fraser]

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