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  • Rob Christopher

Chicago Tribune calls ROY'S WORLD "a powerful and artfully entertaining new film"

First off, got your tickets yet for Saturday, November 13 at the Music Box? They're going fast. In fact, the show might just sell out!

A splendid new article by Rick Kogan delves into the background of the film and Barry Gifford's place in the pantheon of Chicago literature. It's a huge honor to be covered by such a legend of Chicago journalism.

Over at, Matt Fagerholm presents two long form interviews with Barry and actress Lili Taylor about their work and collaborations. You won't want to miss Barry's hilarious anecdotes about Gene Siskel (the pair first met as children!) and David Lynch, and Lili's stories about being a "scream queen" in movies such as The Conjuring. (And of course they both talk plenty about Roy's World.)

Lastly, it was a thrill to speak with Ian Simmons at Kicking the Seat about the film. My only disappointment is that he didn't seem to notice the framed Jackie Gleason LP on the wall behind me ...

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